General Questions

1.) What modules are included in the Core Association (member school) Package?

This can vary based on the Association’s needs, but it usually includes all or some of the following modules:

– Eligibility
– Coach Management
– AD Management
– Document Management between schools and the association

2.) What modules are included in the Premium School Package?

Invite and assign/manage permissions for coaches at your school in one easy step. Coaches input certifications needed to stay in compliance to coach while the coach management system tracks and notifies them of expiration dates. Full integration with NFHS Learn for easy certification tracking. Software includes mechanism for hosting and tracking of training videos/rules clinics for coaches. Also available for Athletic Directors and Activity Advisors.

3.) What Arbiter products integrate with PlanetHS?

PlanetHS (sometimes branded ArbiterAthlete) and ArbiterGame integrate and work as if they are a single program by utilizing a single sign on and data shared between the two programs. By integrating with and through ArbiterGame, authorized information in PlanetHS can reach programs authorized by the school to receive certain information.

4.) With what other programs does PlanetHS connect?

PlanetHS connects with selected software vendors, such as PowerSchool, plus others, using SFTP. Please discuss your specific request with the PlanetHS tech team.

5.) Can PlanetHS be purchased separately without ArbiterGame or ArbiterOne?

Yes, PlanetHS (sometimes branded ArbiterAthlete) is a comprehensive, stand alone software platform; however, many schools, districts and state association find that the value of each is enhanced by using each of these programs.

6.) How long does it take to set up PlanetHS for a school?

It depends upon the integration with the relevant state association, the number of custom forms requested and the time of the year – but generally less than a month.

7.) What support is available for users of PlanetHS?

Both email and telephone support are available for ADs, Athletic Secretaries, Athletic Trainers, and Coaches. A separate support system is available for parents and students.

8.) What training is available for users of PlanetHS?

Multiple training resources are available depending upon the relevant state. We offer topic specific webinars frequently and hold new customer webinars weekly. Some districts even choose to request (and pay for) custom webinars for just their schools.
We also utilize permission-based walkthroughs on the site itself, as well as a dedicated help document site. In Colorado, a PlanetHS staff person is based in Aurora to be available for training and support from the CHSAA office and at regional meetings.

9.) Is PlanetHS available in languages other than English?

PlanetHS utilizes the power of Google Translate, allowing the entire site to be translated into over 80 languages. This includes the pre-participation forms, which can also be printed after translation.

10.) How long is the information in PlanetHS archived?

The information is archived for a minimum of 10 years and is accessible from the web page by those with appropriate permissions

11.) Is there other information archived?

Every entry is captured in an Audit Log that is accessible to the AD. The Audit Log includes information about each data entry or edit, along with date, time, and person making the entry.

12.) HIPAA and FERPA compliance

PlanetHS complies with relevant HIPAA and FERPA requirements regarding security and privacy. Only school administrators and staff that have been designated by the school have access to view the information – principal, athletic director and assistants, coaches of relevant teams and athletic trainers. PlanetHS takes the following security measures: all access to the site is over HTTPS access to the physical servers is restricted to senior IT staff, and remote access is only over secure channels. All unnecessary services are disabled; firewalls are configured for each service to allow only approved traffic through. HIPAA and FERPA compliance is maintained through our use of Microsoft’s Azure platform as more fully described in the document Microsoft Azure Compliance Offerings and Microsoft’s HIPAA BAA and its Online Services Terms.

13.) What if my parents don’t have access to the Internet?

The PlanetHS site is fully responsive, which means it works on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Most parents who do not have computer access possess a smartphone. Many schools utilize computer carts during parent meetings or open the school’s computer labs during the initial sport registration period. Most public libraries also have free computer access.

14.) Do you have a mobile app for smartphones?

PlanetHS has mobile apps available in both the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store, in addition to the responsive site being accessible via the browser on smartphones.

15.) What security does PlanetHS use?

All connections to the website, occur over industry-standard secure TLS connections using a strong cipher and minimum 2048-bit key size certificate. A firewall is used to limit connections to the servers to the relevant ports needed for the website to function. Other connections are blocked completely or limited to authenticated users and IPs. All external access occurs over secured VPN & SSH connections to prevent any interception of traffic. Physical access to the servers is secured by Microsoft. Access to any PII data requires a user to be authenticated, and have their permissions verified prior to being able to see any data.

16.) Who owns the data in PlanetHS?

The data is owned by the school district, school or state association.

17.) Does PlanetHS sell the data or use the data in any other way?

PlanetHS does not ever sell the data or use the data in any way that is not specifically authorized by the school district, school or state association.

18.) What capabilities does PlanetHS have to manage eligibility and student transfers?

This varies widely from state to state. PlanetHS has numerous state-wide relationships for managing eligibility and transfers. Eligibility and transfers are not managed unless a state association relationship is in place for those specific purposes.

19.) Sponsorships

Schools (or the relevant district) may bring a sponsor that is recognized during the PPE process, but will not have a presence on the PlanetHS site. Schools (or the relevant district) may negotiate the payment with the sponsors and collect all funds from the sponsor without any payment due to PlanetHS for such sponsorship. PlanetHS may provide sponsors with the school or school district’s approval.


Student Registration (PPE) Questions

1.) Are online pre-participation forms available for both Athletics and non-athletic Activities?

Yes. There are two separate modules available to track pre-participation papwork. One is for athletics and one is for activities. Both can be tied directly into the Eligibility module as well.

2.) Are the forms digital or fillable PDFs?

PlanetHS provides custom web forms which support the maximum amount of flexibility, data capture and language translation. After all forms are completed and accepted by the school’s AD, the forms are saved as PDFs and available to authorized school personnel.

3.) Does PlanetHS support custom forms for districts and schools? What is the cost of a custom form?

PlanetHS provides the standard forms recommended, or required, by each state’s association. Custom forms may be developed for districts or schools. A quote will be provided by PlanetHS for the development of custom forms after the specification for the documents are provided to PlanetHS. The price of custom forms is a one-time fee that typically ranges from $100 to $300.

4.) Is PlanetHS available in languages other than English?

PlanetHS utilizes the power of Google Translate, allowing the entire site to be translated into over 80 languages. This includes the pre-participation forms, which can also be printed after translation.

5.) What is the process for completing the forms?

Once both parent and student accounts are created and linked, an ATHLETIC FORMS button will be readily visible when logged in. Clicking on this button will take you to the forms necessary for a particular school or school district. Upon completion of any form, you will be auto promoted to the next form requiring completion.

6.) How do students and parents sign the same form?

Students and parents link their accounts via email address or cell phone number. A student may link to multiple parents and parents may link their account to multiple students. Each user is required to log in to their personal account in order to apply the appropriate digital signatures.

7.) What if a student does not have an email address or a smartphone?

We recommend that the parent apply either their email address or their mobile number to their account and apply the unused verification item to their student’s account. There is an option for parents to create a system account for students under 13 or for students without email addresses.

8.) What if a student is younger than 13 years?

PlanetHS has configuration settings to handle young athletes in compliance with applicable rules and policies.

9.) Do the forms have to be submitted each year?

Yes, the forms must be submitted each year. State and district rules will determine if the forms are configured to save the prior year’s information, or if the forms must be totally completed anew each year.

10.) How long is the medical exam valid?

It varies by state. PlanetHS will be configured to comply with the relevant state’s rules. Automated notifications are sent 30, 7 and 1 day prior to the medical exams expiration regardless of the length of time that the exam is valid with notifications sent to the parent, student and relevant coach.

11.) How is the medical exam, which is a paper form with the doctor’s manual signature, entered into the system?

Any forms that are printed and signed, including the medical exam form, may be uploaded by the parent, student, athletic director, or athletic trainer. The software is designed to allow the upload via mobile phone or scanner via attached file. Unless customized by request, these forms generally only allow a single file to be uploaded.

12.) Even though my parents have internet, some just prefer to sign paper forms. What options are available?

PlanetHS tries to accommodate the preferences and technical capabilities of all parents and athletic directors. All forms may not only be completed online but may also be printed and uploaded 1. via photo on a mobile device, 2. scanned and attached by student, parent, AD or athletic trainer, or 3. retained as paper, but with a notation in the student’s record that paper documents were submitted by the student and accepted by AD to be held as a paper form.

13.) Does the AD have to approve every form, even though many just contain the electronic signature of the student or parent?

There is an optional configuration that automatically approves all forms that are in compliance with the applicable rules and policies. ADs will still have to view and approve all forms that have exceptions, such as noteworthy prior medical history. This “Auto Approve” function must be requested via email by the AD in order to be made active on a particular school’s site.

14.) Electronic signatures are nice, but my state requires an actual signature, can PlanetHS accommodate “real” signatures?

Graphical signatures are available when requested so that signatures may be entered on touch-screen devices or using a computer mouse.

15.) What notifications are available that a form will expire soon?

Warnings are sent out 30, 7, and 1 day before it expires as long as it expires prior to April 1st. If they upload another one, it’s just like the same process as creating the first one. The next year if it hasn’t expired, they would then have the option to use the document from the previous year.

16.) Can you collect fees during the registration process? If so, what is the cost?

Yes, fees may be assigned to all athletes, team specific fees or to individual students. There is a fee charged for each transaction to cover the cost of the processing, reporting, tracking and remittance. This process is set up upon request of the school and requires a short development period before it is active.

17.) Who is permitted to see a student’s PPE forms?

The initial access to the information on our site is given to the principal and or Athletic Director at any given school. These users then have the ability to add the necessary permissions to any athletic secretaries, athletic trainers, and coaches of the student’s teams that need access to the information. They also have the ability to remove these permissions as necessary.

18.) How can a coach add a student to a team?

The coach has the ability to send a request to the athletic director requesting the student be added to the team. The Athletic Director’s permissions allow them to edit which teams/coaches have access to the student’s information.

19.) Does a student or parent select the team that the student wants to be on?

Parents and students choose a sport of interest. ADs and coaches then assign students to specific teams within the selected sport.

20.) May a student’s forms be viewable by authorized staff at more than one school?

Yes, during the profile creation process, or later when editing the student’s profile, additional schools may be added by the student or parent. This allows the AD and any other approved personnel at the additional school the same access to the information as the staff at the primary school.

21.) What happens to the students’ PPE information at the end of the school year?

If the student is a senior, the senior is promoted to Alumni status and all information continues to be archived for an additional 10 years. If the student is not a senior, then the student’s grade is incremented by one year and depending on the school’s choices, their previous information will either be archived or used to complete the new years forms. Student records from middle school will be available to the high school designated by the student or parent.

22.) Who is authorized to approve the submitted forms?

The athletic director, athletic secretary, and athletic trainer.

23.) What happens if a form is declined while being reviewed by the authorized school staff?

A notification is automatically sent to the parent and the student. An indicator is placed on the grid for the AD to see that the form was submitted but declined. When a form is declined, the staff member declining the form can enter a reason. This reason is also collected in the audit log.

24.) Are there audit logs that record the activity in PlanetHS?

Every entry is captured in an Audit Log that is accessible to the AD. The Audit Log includes information about each data entry or edit, along with date, time, and person making the entry.

25.) How do students set up their accounts?

Accounts may be setup via text message quickcode provided to each school (typically during the pre-season parent meeting), via the App, or by going online.

26.) Can student accounts be set up by importing information from the school or district’s student information system (SIS)?

This is possible, but not recommended. We find that when account setup is not initiated by the parent and student, engagement and form completion is not as spontaneous. It also may cause out-of-date information or confusion for the students or parents.


Coach Management Questions

1.) What customization or configurations are available in Coach Management?

Each Association, District, School, and team provide specific certificates required to deem their coaches compliant to coach.

2.) What information can be tracked in Coach Management?

All necessary certificates to stay within compliance to coach will be tracked. For example, First Aid/CPR, Safety Training, Concussion Training, Acknowledgments, Rules Compliance Training, NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching, licenses, teaching certificates, etc.

3.) How does a coach enter information?

The AD/AS/AT in your school sends an invite through the Coach Management Module, the coach will receive an email notification, finish creating their profile then upload certifications required by their association, district, and school.

4.) Can information for specific sports be tracked – such as training unique to football coaches?


5.) What happens to the information pertaining to a coach if that coach changes schools, or is no longer coaching?

All information in the coach’s file at the time the coach leaves the school is retained by the school. If the coach transfers to another school, the coach’s full record is available to the second school and is augmented by any additions to that coach’s record at the second school.

6.) Can requirements be configured for different types of coaches?

Yes, requirement can be customized for coaches by category. Examples of categories include 1. faculty members, 2. district employee (but not faculty), 3. community coach that is paid and 4. community volunteer.

7.) How do coaches gain access to the system?

The AD can use the coach management system to send invitations to coaches to create their accounts. During this process the AD also assigned the coaches the permissions they need for their teams.


Athletic Director Management Questions

1.) What customization or configurations are available in AD Management?

Each Association, District, School provide specific certificates required to deem their AD compliant.

2.) What information can be tracked in AD Management?

All necessary certificates to stay within compliance will be tracked. For example, ?

3.) How does an Athletic Director enter information?

The AD logs in and will see an AD Mgmt button if they have the proper Athletic Director permissions for the school.

4.) What happens to the information pertaining to an AD if that AD changes schools, or is no longer employed as such?

All information in the AD’s file at the time the AD leaves the school is retained by the school. If the AD transfers to another school, the AD’s full record is available to the second school and is augmented by any additions to that AD’s record at the second school.

5.) Can requirements be configured for different types of ADs?

Yes, requirement can be customized for coaches by category. Examples of categories include 1. faculty members, 2. district employee (but not faculty), 3. community coach that is paid and 4. community volunteer.


Wellness and Safety Questions

1.) What customizations and configurations are available in Wellness and Safety?

There is no customization or configuration currently available for the Wellness and Safety module. It has been designed in consultation with athletic trainers to meet a wide variety of needs.

2.) Who has permission to add information in Wellness and Safety?

Athletic trainers and AD’s have full permission to Wellness and Safety. Coaches have permission to request to add/upload a note to a students injury record.

3.) Who can view information in Wellness and Safety?

ADs, athletic secretaries and athletic trainers can see all student information. Coaches can view limited information only about the students on their teams.

4.) Can notifications and information be sent from Wellness and Safety?

Yes, athletic trainers can send limited information to certain recipients that they designate. There is no information automatically sent from the system.

5.) Can injury information be entered from a mobile device?

Begin (or even complete) record on an injury
Voice dictate notes describing injury
Immediately take a Photo of injury and attach to record.
Complete injury record on mobile, or later on computer.

6.) What are some of the features that athletic trainers use in Wellness and Safety?

Injury Report creation (Most Fields and options are customizable by school and a report can be created from an existing SOAP Note)
SOAP notes (Can be started from an existing Injury record)
Daily Treatments and Treatment logs (Treatments are tied to an actual injury report. Treatment log notification to coaches can be sent via AT at any time.)
Communication with certain parties

7.) What information is available to coaches regarding students’ injuries?

Coaches are able to view athlete injury status, injury type, treatment logs and coach notes written by the athletic trainer. They are also able to request to attach an image or document to an existing injury report in the event a student turns in a release not to the coach. (AT’s will have to approve/accept that the upload is valid.)

8.) How is the medical clearance to return to participation documented and archived?

The forms signed by the appropriate medical professional may be added to a student’s injury record – typically by scan and upload, or by taking a photo of the signed form. That record may then be edited by the athletic trainer to show that the student has been cleared to return to participation.

9.) Am I able to customize selections / options for treatments?

Yes, almost all fields in treatments are customizable by school. Any field that crosses over or shows up in another area of Wellness and Safety that has the same section title will be updated as well. Ex: Anatomical Sites – if you add a site in Treatments then that same anatomical site will show under anatomical sites in Injury Reports and SOAP Notes.


Equipment Management Questions

1.) What types of equipment does PlanetHS track?

General equipment and practice items
Athletic training items such as crutches, braces, etc.
Items with serial numbers such as helmets and shoulder pads

2.) Is equipment track by serial number or some other way?

Yes, serial numbers are used for issuing purposes. If your item comes with a designated number you can use that or if it does not have one you can assign one to it.

3.) Does PlanetHS track the reconditioning of equipment, such as football helmets?

Dates are tracked, with helmets listed by manufacturer and model. Automated notifications are sent prior to the end of each helmet’s usage period so that the reconditioning process may occur in a timely manner.


Pitch Count Questions

1.) What customization or configurations capabilities does PlanetHS have for Pitch Count?

Number of pitches allowed per day (Auto calculated)
Rest required after pitch limits (Auto calculated)
Different pitch limits for varsity and sub-varsity

2.) Who can view Pitch Count information?

While it is configurable, pitch counts are typically viewable by the public.

3.) Who can enter Pitch Count information?

Pitch Count numbers may be entered by baseball coaches, athletic trainers, athletic directors or athletic secretaries

4.) What information is shown for each pitcher?

Pitches thrown (Manually entered)
Pitches that may be thrown on future days (Auto calculated)
Pitcher’s first initial and last name, RHP or LHP, jersey number (Manually entered)