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Form Requirement(s)

  • Can upload: Student
  • Can upload: Parent
  • Can upload: Staff

  • Required for Athlete Overall Approval.
  • Parent Signature Required.
  • Staff Signature Required.
  • Use of the Previous Year Form is allowed as long as it is not expired.

  • Auto Approval: Auto-Approve enabled with the EXCEPTION of all Uploaded forms and History Forms with Yes answers.

Section I : Student Information

Section II : Parent / Guardian Information

Section III : Alternate Emergency Contact – Other than Parent
Section IV : Medical Information / Medical Release

In a medical emergency, we hereby authorize Notre Dame High School to seek emergency medical assistance for our child if we cannot be reached. (If present in the household, both parents must sign and date below.)

Please keep a copy of this form for your records. IMPORTANT: Please update the school immediately if any information changes. If medical issues are pertinent to extra curricular activity or sport, please alert Nurse in Main Office and coach.


Parent / Guardian

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