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States Associations

By partnering with PlanetHS, our State Associations, including CHSAA, ASAA, SCHSL, and GISA, have experienced increased operational benefits and faster paperwork turnaround times with our ADA Level 1, HIPAA, FERPA, and COPPA compliant software. All of our software modules are easily customizable to meet the needs and requirements of schools, school districts, leagues, and associations.

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Pre-Participation Forms

Allowing you to collect, track, and store association, district, and school level forms required of parents and students to complete and sign before trying out for athletics or activities. Provides web forms which support the maximum amount of flexibility, data capture and language translation. After all forms are completed and accepted by the school’s staff, the forms are saved as PDFs and available to authorized school, district, and association personnel.

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A custom eligibility system built around association specific rules and guidelines required to deem athletes academically eligible to play sports or participate in activities. Includes state-level reports based on sport, gender, and athlete count by school and sport. Transfer forms allow athlete transfer information with regards to association specific by-law information, including hardship information, with a built-in approval process including the uploading of documentation supporting bona fide moves.

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Coach Management

Invite and assign/manage permissions for coaches at your schools in one easy step. Coaches upload or input certifications needed to stay in compliance to coach while the coach management system tracks and notifies them of expiration dates. Full integration with NFHS Learn for easy certification tracking. Software includes mechanism for hosting and tracking of training videos/rules clinics for coaches. Also available for Athletic Directors and Activity Advisors.

Case Studies

Alaska School Activities Association

The Alaska School Activities Association had commissioned a proprietary electronic eligibility system several years ago. Through the use of that system, the ASAA was able to envision the benefits of an integrated system that could combine the needs of the association and the needs of the schools on a single platform. Once I learned of the capabilities of PlanetHS, we began an assessment of their software and determined that we could bring all of our member schools onto this software. Our schools range from those in very sophisticated districts, such as Anchorage, to some of the most remote schools in the country. We already have our middle schools asking if they can manage their athletes on PlanetHS. During the first year of using PlanetHS, we expanded our use of the platform from just high school athletics, to high school activities and now we are adding the middle schools. Adopting PlanetHS was a great decision for ASAA and our member schools. - Billy Strickland, Executive Director, Alaska School Activities Association

Case Studies

South Carolina High School League

The PlanetHS team worked closely with me to create a custom online student transfer management system. In today’s environment, about 1 in 20 student athletes transfer to a new school during the school year in South Carolina. Managing that manual process to confirm that each transfer complied with the rules of the South Carolina High School League consumed most of my time in the office. Thanks to the online system that PlanetHS created through interaction with me and some of our leading athletic directors, our transfer approval process was not only digitized, but the entire process was re-examined - resulting in a streamlined and improved system for all members of our association. There is now more transparency of the transfer process and I have more time available for other association matters. - Nessie Harris, Associate Commissioner, South Carolina High School League

Case Studies

Duval County Schools

I began using PlanetHS when I was an athletic director at a large high school in Duval County, Florida. Once I became the district athletic director, I asked PlanetHS if they would work with me to create tools to allow better management of our middle school conference, and the 25 schools in the conference. While the district’s high schools used the state association’s eligibility software, it was very challenging to manage the eligibility for middle schools in a consistent manner across all schools. PlanetHS worked with me and the school ADs to create a custom middle school eligibility program that assures that the middle school students participating in athletics comply with our unique set of by-laws. The result is a state-of-the-art eligibility program for our middle schools that is tailored exactly to our needs. I now know that the conference’s rules are applied consistently in each school to benefit the students and training new athletic directors in the schools has become easier for us. - Tammie Talley, District Athletic Director, Duval County (FL) Public Schools

Our Clients


Here are what some of our users are saying about PlanetHS.

Rhonda Blanford-Green [CHSAA]
“The partnership with PlanetHS has raised the bar in Colorado for online pre-participation registration, eligibility submission, and transfer management. The CHSAA/PlanetHS partnership is becoming the national model for operating school athletics and activities programs efficiently.”
Executive Director
Jerome Singleton [SCHSL]
“PlanetHS is the only platform approved by our league for online student-athlete pre-participation registration, eligibility, submission, and transfer management.”
Executive Director
Sandi Wagner [ASAA]
“The support and training provided by PlanetHS has been outstanding. On-boarding an entire Association worth of member schools can be a challenging task, but PlanetHS has been with us every step of the way and continues to be a great partner.”
Associate Director
Seth Powers [Moore County Schools]
“I was thoroughly impressed with the turnaround time from signing the agreement to having our school online.”
Director for Student Support Services
Richard Luden [West Ashley High]
“I can tell you that as an "old" guy in athletics in South Carolina, the online transfer is one of the best advances in technology for us to be able to use in our schools.”
Athletic Director
Jessica Bates [Magnolia West High]
“The customer support for Arbiter Athlete has been great. When we have issues they are very receptive to feedback and quick to respond.”
Athletic Trainer
Brad Hayek [York Catholic School]
“Working with PlanetHS has been great. They've listened to our needs and provided customized setup options to best suit our school's athletic requirements, making things simple for everyone.”
Asst. Athletic Director
Shelly Pugh [Fruita Monument High]
“The gentleman that helped me retrieve all of my lost information that was due to my error was so nice, knowledgeable, efficient, he was so kind and was able to 100% help me out!”
Hal McManus [Boiling Springs High]
“PlanetHS not only makes my job easier, but the software makes sure that I don't make any mistakes.”
Athletic Director
Brian Samulski [Salem High]
“I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of resources PlanetHS provided during the implementation process, allowing our staff to be fully prepared prior to our Go Live date.”
Athletic Director
Mack Hite [Strom Thurmond High]
“The online rule clinics provide an opportunity for our coaches to learn at their own pace while also saving valuable travel time and money. ”
Athletic Director
Erik Melgoza [Alamosa High]
“When i have questions the folks at PlanetHS always answer them in a timely manner without making me feel inadequate, they are knowledgeable and courteous.”
Athletic Director
Dawn Roberts [Jefferson County Public Schools]
“PlanetHS listened to the schools' needs and was relentless in their efforts to create an online transfer management system that serves the schools and the state association in Colorado”
Assistant to Executive Director, Athletics
Bruna Lanaghan [Arvada West]
“PlanetHS has so many tools to answer my questions, I never need to call them. The help guides, tutorials, videos are always on point and answer my questions. The system is great.”
Athletic Administrative Assistant
Susan Woodson [Fort Mill High]
“I was offered above and beyond what I called about. Thank you!”
Athletic Secretary
Derek Eager [West Ashley High]
“It is good to know that customer service is not completely dead! Thank you for making this process quick and painless! Now if I can only get my cable service provider to work like you all do...”
Linda Buie [South View High]
“Thanks for helping and solving the problem. As always it is a pleasure to work with you guys.”
Athletic Director

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